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Undead (Machinima)

This is a pretty big project. I had the idea for a long time and originally it was titled "Infestation", later to be renamed to "Undead".

The original concept was a large group of survivors taking shelter in a near-by school (Bullworth Academy) after a strange mist appears. Strange and dangerous creatures appear and the main characters struggle to stay alive. This was pretty heavily inspired by The Mist and Dawn of The Dead.

I later renamed the series and got together a cast of voice actors. I more or less ditched my old cast (except for one voice actress), and removed all of the scenes I had recorded and edited. There wasn't much footage lost (approximately 2 - 3 minutes in total).

I contacted Walter and told him about this project. He joined in and helped us do most of the reskins and textures for the characters, as well as give input on the actual script for Episode 1.

I contacted Shay and gathered a new cast of voice actors (Red Hua who is somewhat of a regular guest on my channel nowadays and a few new faces who had submitted their voice acting auditions) and began to brainstorm ideas. Episode 1 was delayed a lot due to problems with the cast of voice actors, mainly due to lack of coaching with the lines.

We finished Episode 1 and uploaded a teaser/trailer. And 1 week later, we releases the full episode. It was very well received and people instantly got hooked, so we immediately began throwing ideas around for Episode 2 (and even for possible future Seasons).

One of the many things that we changed during the actual recording of Episode 1 was the characters. Originally there was going to be a character by the name of Chris. He was an overweight gamer in his early 20's. We found a voice actor for him, but quickly scrapped the idea and replaced his character with a new one (Sean), who also had a different voice actor assigned.

Sean's original concept (LEFT) and final version (RIGHT).

We were also going to feature Djurtjejen as a quick guest, but eventually scrapped the idea. She was originally going to voice the character Danielle.

The smallest change we did was during the recording of the "Basement Scene", where Ben would originally not have a flashlight with him. He would instead pick up an axe, get startled by a rat and then return to using the control box to close the gates. This change doesn't really have any effect on the storyline, but it's one of many things we just went against in the end.

Carl's original concept (LEFT) and final version (RIGHT).

Episode 1 managed to get over 500 views, 55 likes and 40 comments within the span of 24 hours after being uploaded. As of me typing this, it has about 122 likes, 79 comments and 2,268 views. It doesn't really meet up to Pete Show, but we're very pleased with the results and feedback we have been given.

For Episode 2, we began coaching our voice actors more and even supplying them with demos of me and Shay reading the lines out to them. We have tons of ideas for future episodes and have already begun writing Episode 3.